An old Indian passion, lists fade in and out. In – some ten years ago. Out – after we learned everything about everybody. We will risk a very short list only because we want you to learn everything about Bucharest.

It is a subjective list without rigorous criteria, but subjective are all journeys, aren’t they?

The three things to do in Bucharest:

  1. Stroll without a map (ideally in May and September – but this test stands the weather). Make mental notes of the things you like and only afterwards check them on a guide. Most probably they are not there. For some reasons, the iconic images of Bucharest rarely define it. But the Concierge Bureau will know and we can tell you everything about the things you like.
  2. Test the temperatures in the Old Town: each street seems to have a different climate. It probably is because of the wind circuit in a labyrinth-like part of the city. Some streets are cool and windy, some are hot and dry. Some are gentle and tamed…
  3. Make your own poster about Bucharest. We can launch an exhibition with the best of them.