If you intend to visit Romania, you’ve probably found out already that on the 1st of December we celebrate the National Day. What you might have not found out is that there are so many ways to show the patriotic feeling like the number of inhabitants the country has.

My way of showing it is by traveling, discovering the country, finding new beautiful places that boost my energy, meeting kind people that amaze me with their life stories. Oh, how I enjoy listening to those stories… while tasting something freshly baked, or having a bite of something locally sourced. 😀

That is why I always try to find the smallest excuse to jump in the car and hit the road towards the places on my wish list, but always open to stop by wherever my hearts tells me to. But sharing is caring, isn’t? Plus, I also love showing others that Romania is amazing and surpasses all clichés, thus I’ve made a list with three of the most beautiful places from Transylvania that I’ve recently visited and that brought so much content to my inner traveler.

My first stop was at Oberwood, in Porumbacu de Sus.

Porumbacu de Sus is a village located in the very heart of Transylvania, where the times stand still and where you’ll find this piece of heaven called Oberwood. Rural heaven, I might say, as the 5 wooden villas it comprises are actually 150 years old local houses, beautifully restored with a strong keen towards details and certainly…with love for Romanian traditions. 

It is here where I first felt the sweet taste of silence while drinking my coffee on the porch and where one can get the feeling of absolute bliss, only by looking around. Then there is Tanti Mărioara, the old lady from the other side of the village, that makes sure you get familiar with the local cuisine. She’s going to cook for you whatever she knows better and trust me…she knows. I suggest you try the raspberry gem pancakes – you can thank me later 😀

From the heart of Transylvania, I drove straight to the “the land of wooden gates”, where the traditions are still alive and where each Sunday is THE DAY to showcase the authentic folk costumes – Maramureș. The objective: a ride with Mocănița.

Starting with the ticket office where everyone welcomes you smiling, to the wood stoves that heat each wagon (only applies in the AW season), or to the freshly baked cheese donuts that tempt all the passengers, every detail contributes to the “slow living” concept that is so popular around here.

But everything I’ve already mentioned is just a bonus because what’s really amazing about a ride with Mocănița, are the unique landscapes. If you’re lucky enough to get here during autumn, you’ll encounter a movie-like décor: haystacks that carefully “supervise” the hills, horses that run freely and pose as if they knew they’re about to become Instagram worthy content and forests that change their color faster than a chameleon.

At the final station, you can recharge your batteries for another series of photos, as the locals organize a picnic. Needless to say you can enjoy traditional local food, isn’t it? 

All these within a ride with Mocanita.

Inspired by the horses from the hills of Maramures, on my way back to Bucharest I’ve stopped at Cross Country Farm, from the village Prod – Sighisoara.

As soon as you enter the property you realize you are in a different world. A world where “each horse lover can find fulfillment, can live the true emotions and joy of the harmony between man horse and nature. A world where “natural” should be a word of order and where life shall be passionately lived”- as Adela and Mihnea (the owners) state.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve never hopped on a horse, at the Cross Country Farm you’ll be so warmly welcome and things will be so clearly explained to you, that it will seem naturally for you to try this amazing sport.

Or just pay them a visit so you have the chance to sleep in one of the beautifully designed rooms that have Adela’s personal touch, or to spend a few days relaxing in the book-full living room, that got my heart from the very entrance. Not to mention the homemade quiche, better than those I had in France.

If you could just experience any of the places I told you about, you’ll understand why I am a patriot and why I love Romania.