Everybody wants to travel in time – whoever says he doesn’t has not yet seen what local history unveils. Picturesque sites – covering thousands of years, not hundreds – spark your imagination. We have called these tours “medieval” because this is the most famous period – the times when Count Tepes – the Dracula inspiration – would reign and perform justice in the territory. But other formidable historic characters await their writers: Decebal is the Dacian King who fought the Roman Empire, Menumorut is the prince that resisted invasions – and many other Voievods weave the stories for the living legends.

  • 1-2  days trip at the most fabulous castles in Romania (Peles, Cantacuzino, Bran, Corvins Castle etc);
  • transport and guide;
  • accommodation;
  • restaurants reservations and / or picnics;
  • sight seeing and direct experience of medieval charming cities of Romania (Brasov, Sighisoara, SIbiu);
  • other historic sights – from the Neolithic to modern history.

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