The Concierge Bureau invites you to a tour in Romanian time and space.

We are delighted to welcome and accompany you in exploring the local endless potential, at Hub 44 (44 Sfintii Apostoli street), on September 15th 2016, 7.30 pm.

We will guide you through the unexpected, we will show you how to inhabit these spaces and manage these times: you will see Romania as we see it and realize why we love launching the Concierge Bureau in Bucharest.

No dress code, no limitations. Only your innate openness, desire to travel, wish to experiment.

 We are proud to share and present authentic experiences at the The Concierge Bureau launch in Los Angeles, on 35 Sunset Blvd, November 25th 2016, 8 pm. 

RSVP: Alexandra Bolba | | 0743 143 093

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