A chic retreat situated in a more secluded place of Vama Veche, at exactly 8 minutes from the seaside; close enough to reach the major interest points in no time, but far enough from the buzz of the clubs to feel like you can calmly enjoy your stay.

This boutique hotel is a fresh breath of air in a place and time where everything is rushed and jammed.

The villa offers 8 gorgeous accommodation units, 6 double rooms and 2 apartments, that can host a maximum of 36 guests. 2 rooms are situated on the ground floor together with the 2 apartments and the rest of 4 rooms you can find at the first floor. Each area is decorated in a nordic, minimalist style blended here and there with elements that perfectly capture the soul of Vama Veche.

In addition, you can find 2 common areas, one inside and one outside:

The inside area is actually the wide living room which in the morning is turned into space where you will enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast (we know, it’s hard to put nutritious and delicious in the same sentence, but we achieved this level :D) and during the day it’s a place where you can easily lose yourself into your book, have a talk with your friends or just to go and take a cool break from the torrid day.

The outside area is formed from a magic pool filled with the best refreshing water that you can find on the whole Black Sea coast. Now, imagine yourself enjoying your favorite beverage (we must admit we had a crush on gin tonic this summer) with your toes dipped into the water and the sunrays gently kissing your body. Wouldn’t you describe that scene as pure perfection?

The mission is to offer the best experience for the guests through the bohemian location, clean design, and experienced staff.